“Zay, that computer could destroy us. It’s not magical. It’s just death.”

Fourteen-year-old Zay Scot knows nothing of his parent’s treasonous past or of the government that has never stopped looking for them since they defected over a decade ago. When they are discovered, his parents are arrested and he and his sister are ripped from their home and forced into foster care. Zay must soon choose between protecting the small family he has left and searching for those he has lost, and if this journey doesn’t kill him, what he finds might start a war.

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The Burning of Cherry Hill is a breath of fresh air on the dystopian shelf. While we’ve had The Hunger Games and Divergent in the last decade, I’ve not come across something so satisfying in the genre since McCarthy’s The Road.

Paige M

An imaginative, engrossing work of speculative fiction, like an Edward Snowden rewrite of The Hunger Games.

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