Five Sentence Scary Story

Prompt: This is a Five-Sentence Scary Story Contest. Your job is to come up with a creative and frightening story to explain this photo, while adhering to the following five rules.

  1. It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the actual real-life subject/explanation of the photo.
  2. It has to involve a character nicknamed “Hambone.”
  3. Why “Hambone”? Because it’s a silly name, and I want to see how you turn a funny nickname into something scary.
  4. Your story must contain five sentences. No more. No less.
  5. Your story must be frightening, moody, mysterious, or otherwise scary in tone.


Winner atBeliefNet

Note: The original image is missing. It was a car stuck alone in a snowdrift, surrounded by several feet of a wall of snow.

Each snowflake fell slowly, silently, adding its own microscopic mass to the already infinite depth of the surrounding white. Hambone watched from his perch in the tree, his breath shallow, his heart barely beating, as the small car struggled through the blinding snow. He hadn’t eaten in five days. His naked and distorted frame could no longer feel the cold as the car finally slowed to a dead stop. He licked his lips.

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