Fear of the Dark

A boy sitting on a log by a fire in a cave. A clawed monster crouches over him

From: r/writingprompts

I know there’s nothing there. I know it. How many times have I told myself this? I stare at the fire, let its heat burn my eyes, saying it, over and over, there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there, there’s nothing there.

The claw touches my shoulder and I jump, but just a little, as he slides down the rock and slips onto the log next to me.

“Sssssssstill sssssssscared?” he hisses.

“I’m not scared!” I lie.

“Yesssssssss, you are.”

I punch him in the arm and he elbows me back.

“There’ssssssssss nothing there,” he says.

“I know, I know, I just, it’s so fucking creepy, this cave, you know? Just damn creepy.”

“There’ssssssssss nothing here but me.”

But my eyes grow wide as, behind my monster, a shadow creeps and grows on the cave wall.

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