An Infinite Loop

Prompt: A secret (see reveal after text)

Word Limit: None

I woke, a painful hot bolt shooting through my head. I groaned. Made myself open my eyes. Bright. Daytime, at least, this time. I took a deep breath, pushed myself to my feet, and stood, quivering, in the perfectly engineered sunlight, under a perfectly engineered sky, bare feet touching perfectly engineered grass.

I blinked three times to reset my eyes. I touched my arms. Grey, this time. A little scaly. I didn’t touch my face. I didn’t want to know.

Fuck you, I managed to think. It’s all I managed to think anymore.

A tone sounded, loud, and the pain in my head burned hot. I tried not to vomit. I hated this part.

My gut wrenched in circles and I turned around, moved by something deep inside me, something I couldn’t understand, would never understand. I tried to flip off the Creators but I’d long since lost control of my own limbs. It didn’t matter anyway. I knew they weren’t watching. They’d long since forgotten about me. They didn’t care.

I needed to move forward. Needed to, like an itch I could never scratch, but the itch was inside my skull and I wanted to set myself on fire. I didn’t know what they’d done to my brain, didn’t want to. I didn’t know what they wanted from me, didn’t care. I didn’t know if all their genetic experiments and forced mutations were some sort of test or if they were just fucking with me because I was poor and homeless and they were rich and bored. All I wanted was to get the hell out.

I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t. The urge was stronger than anything I’d ever felt. It was what the urge to breathe becomes when you’ve been drowning for two minutes and your lungs are about to explode. I couldn’t stop. I’d tried.

Step by step I moved forward, inched forward, against my will but with my will, until I paused at the first passing. I watched the dizzying blur, waited, held my breath, and leapt. I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to watch.

I kept moving forward, zigzagging through the tangle of movement that threatened to eviscerate me, dodging the inevitability that I would be caught and they would send me back to whatever lab they used to fuck with my DNA just so I could do it all over again. After a few seconds the movement ceased. I held my breath, waited.

No. It was taking too long. No. No. SHIT. NO.

I opened my eyes, blinking into the brilliant blue sky. On the horizon line, I saw him, flying toward me, faster than he should have been. I needed more time. I wanted to fight, to beg, to scream, please, please, move, move, MOVE!

I put everything I had into my worthless legs, willed them to do anything, move anything, do anything but they didn’t, they didn’t belong to me anymore. All I could manage to do was hold my breath and grit my teeth against the pain I could not possibly escape. The bird swooped on top of me and his talons dug into my flesh, shoulders burning, bones crunching, as the ground gave way beneath me and the heat shot back into my head and all was blackness.

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