My name is Amber, and I have a few boring credentials like degrees and work experience but I’m going to skip those for this List of Random Facts About Me.

  1. I like rose wine and margaritas and long island iced teas but always go back to a nice, craft beer. Not the hoppy stuff, though. (Sorry, IPA, but I hate you.)

  2. I love rock climbing but have the body of a fifty-year-old sloth so you can’t tell. Also, I’m not good at it. Rapelling is the best part. Maybe I just like falling.

  3. I love scary movies. If a movie can make me spill my beer and almost pass out in fear I feel like I’ve won. (I’m looking at you, rocking chair scene in Woman in Black.)

  4. I’m kind of a giant nerd. I love Doctor Who and Firefly and Neil Gaiman and may or may not spend hours on the weekends playing board games that let me pretend I’m flying a giant spaceship while wearing pajamas that look like a blue pinstriped suit under a long brown coat.

  5. I usually write when I get bored while reading and find myself thinking, “Man, I really wish someone would do ______.” Then I do it. I don’t necessarily do it particularly well, but for a rock climbing sloth it’s not terrible. A solid E for Effort, at least.

  6. If you need to talk to me, and you try calling me on the telephone, chances are quite good that the apocalypse will have destroyed 80% of humanity before I check the message. Email me.

  7. I have a husband and two kids and two piles of tremendously loud fur that enjoy eating garbage.

  8. I marched drums in the Texas Aggie Band in college.

  9. I’m pretty sure my kids are practicing for drumline right now. Upstairs. Endlessly. Did someone just break something? Hold on.

  10. Anyone know how to fix walls? Just, hypothetically. Because I’m curious.