Prompt: In 100 words or less, develop an intriguing character who is in search of something. You get extra imaginary bonus points if your work includes identifiable plot, conflict, theme, and setting.

Word Limit: 100

From: r/writingprompts

My nose is cold. I miss her. Where am I? I am hungry. Where is she? Tree. Tree. Bush. I need to pee. That’s better. Is that her? No. That’s a rabbit. GO AWAY! Where is she? I love her. She throws good. I will find her. Tree. Tree. Tree. Wait! I smell her. She smells like her! I will follow the smell of her! You? No. You? No. You? N-wait! HELLO! I HAD LOST YOU BUT I FOUND YOU AND I LOVE YOU! AM I THE GOOD BOY? IS IT ME? IS IT ME? IS IT? IT IS ME!

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