Xenogenesis: On the art of creation

Those of you who follow this little blog may have noticed my absence the past week or so. I have been working on what is (for me) a quite exciting announcement I will be able to make in the next few days. For now, please enjoy my guest blog post over at Guelph Write Now. They are doing an “ABCs of Writing” challenge, and I picked “X”. Why did I pick X? Because I’m a masochist and wanted to see if I could do it.

Here is the first little bit:

Xenogenesis is the laboratory creation of an organism that is completely different from either of its parents.

This, I feel, is fantastically relevant to writing.

Our books and stories are organisms. We breathe life into them and birth them and let them wander our world like toddling children, and they may be the class clown or the class bully or the kid who sits under the window and eats paint and they may make friends or they may make enemies but they are alive and apart from us and once we have sent them into the world they grow without us tending them.

Our stories are sometimes created organically, from the fusion of multiple ideas. You may wake up one morning and find a character has walked through your dreams and whispered his story to you and you are merely the caretaker and must tend to the story and feed it and nurture it and kiss its knee when it falls off its bike and eventually let it go.

And these stories are good. They are necessary and cherished but are not what this blog post is about. This post is about the willful creation of things unlike other things. This post is about taking your writing down new and previously unforged paths.

It is, in short, how to intentionally design your stories to be organisms completely different from the things you’ve done before.

Head over to Cindy’s blog to finish the rest of my little post on Xenogenesis and the art of creation.

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