The Burning of Cherry Hill

The Burning of Cherry Hill
Mature YA+ Science Fiction

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It’s 2159. Zay Scot is a fourteen-year-old boy raised on a secret island in hiding from a government he doesn’t know exists. After more than a decade of avoiding detection, his fugitive parents are brutally kidnapped and he is thrust into a dizzying world centuries more advanced than the one he left behind.

The skies over the United North American Alliance are pollution free. Meals are healthy and delivered to each home. Crime is nonexistent. Medical treatment requires only the scan of your wrist. Poverty, need, and hunger are things studied in history class.

But Zay soon finds himself a fugitive, escaping the brute force of a government always a whisper away. Now he must choose between peace and freedom, and if the journey doesn’t kill him, what he finds might start a war.


The Party

She sat down again and I leaned over and whispered to her, “You look beautiful,” and she blushed and smiled and pushed me away with her shoulder. “Zay, you got me something?” After what she’d just opened, I had hoped she wouldn’t remember. “Not…really. It’s bad.” She laughed. “I’m sure it’s terrible. Gimme.” “As long … Continue reading The Party

Not a Touch

I leaned back in my chair and stared at the ceiling. “This is Block Island. On Block Island live a total of one thousand, three hundred and seventy–two people. We are safe here, but there is another island where we wouldn’t be. A larger island called a continent where more people live in a country called … Continue reading Not a Touch

New World

When I landed on the ground it took me a moment to realize I was still on earth. I wondered if I’d accidentally awoken a thousand years in the future, if perhaps I’d been thrust unwillingly into an H. G. Wells novel. The shock unnerved me. I stood on an immense expanse of white, solid … Continue reading New World

A Garden

We walked to the store marked “Seafood” and placed our order. Eve swiped her wrist to pay and we all gathered under a large outdoor pavilion furnished with hundreds of tables. Families and couples were scattered about so we sat near the edge, far enough away that our conversation couldn’t be easily overheard, and ate. “This … Continue reading A Garden